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I discovered a love of drawing and painting as a child but my careers as a soldier and then as a parish priest prevented me from really developing my art. Late onset epilepsy meant early retirement in 2002 and this provided the time and energy to explore my art more deeply. I studied life drawing, set watercolours to one side and began experimenting with pastels and acrylics.

Life drawing is incredibly challenging and forces one to observe more closely and to draw ‘what is there’ rather than what one thinks is there. It has had a huge influence on all my art and I now paint in a much looser and freer style and use a much more vibrant palette of colours. Life studies can be likened to a musician practising scales and arpeggios. They would not be a part of a performance but are a very necessary preparation for it.

I began exhibiting in 2012 having my first solo exhibition in January/February of 2015. In 2013 I was invited to be the ‘Artist in Residence’ for the Taunton Flower Show, the first such appointment in their 150 year history. This invitation was repeated in 2014, and later this year I will be one of the sponsored artists at the Taunton Live 2015 festival.

All images are offered for sale either as originals or as museum quality limited edition (250) prints. Please contact me with any enquiries.

I also host a life drawing group on the second, fourth and fifth Friday of each month between 9.00 and 12.15. New artists and models are welcome.

The venue is St George’s Church Hall, Fons George, Taunton TA1 3JT. Contact me for more information.


TEL: +44 1823 368161


For all sales queries please contact me at, on 01823 368161 or at this site's contact page.
Some paintings are for sale at my Etsy page.

life drawing group

I host a life drawing group on the second, fourth & fifth Friday of each month between 9.00 and 12.15 at St George's Church Hall, Taunton.
For further information please contact me.